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May 09

Alright! So officially at my destination this afternoon. To catch everyone up:

Bussed for 22 hours to Thunder Bay with Alex, where we literally only stopped at McDonald’s for every meal of the day :P

Got to Thunder Bay, and spent a day there seeing the second Captain America movie, drinking lots of tea, and going out for a late dinner :) It was super amazing of him to come all that way with me to spend the day and then head home again for another 22 hours D: Sooo shout out to you, Alex xD Hope your bus ride is awesome so far ;)

Took another bus! To Fort Frances where I met up with my host. We stopped at a neighbouring farm on our way home to buy some potatoes, and we watched the grading process :O

Get to my host farm and meet aaaaaalllllll seven of their children xD After we had lunch they all went nuts. My arms are covered in glitter and glue, I can practically taste the play dough cloud around me, and I am just so exhausted.

All at the same time, William’s reading me articles about poisonous frogs, Marcus is making me play dough snakes to babysit, the girls are hanging off my arms and back while I’m balancing the baby in one arm, and the others are fighting for my attention with magic tricks and questions. They are so much fun! But really, I thought only three kids would be a lot to handle xD

Other than that today was a ‘lazy’ getting settled day. It was also rainy so we all stayed inside :)